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Updating multiple Reminders at once

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Suggestion: Would it be possible to allow for adding/modifying/removing multiple reminders at once, please?

It would be so handy to have the option to move all reminders for today to tomorrow, for example, or to mark a bunch of them as done, instead of having to click or tap around like mad for each one of them individually.

This would not take a huge amount of effort, I believe and could be implemented on all platforms.

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Suggestion noted - maybe this can be incorporated in a future revision;  the only major caveat would be that it's impossible to say just how much effort would be involved in implementing this across all platforms,  but it's unlikely to be quick...

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...Aaaand only 3 years later, https://www.cronofy.com/calendar-connectors/evernote-calendar-connector/

After you’ve set up the Evernote Calendar Connector, simply create a reminder in Evernote and a corresponding event will appear in your calendar. From your calendar, you can then alter the time* by moving the event, modify your note's name by changing the event name, or delete the event to remove the reminder.

Our Evernote Calendar is a secure, free, set-and-forget service, and it’s really easy to set up. Follow our quick step-by-step guide below to get started.

* (I think you can also change the date...)

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I just installed the Evernote Calendar Connector (Cronofy) - and it shows as an application / service within my Evernote application, however, NONE of my reminders are going through to my Outlook calendar, nor my gmail calendar.

I did get an email confirmation to my Outlook account -that the Evernote Calendar Connector is now linked to my account.

Is there something else I need to do to get the reminders coming over to outlook?  I have searched the web and found nothing, so would really appreciate any advice from folks on this site !!

Thanks in Advance, !!


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