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Feature request: Inline preview of Markdown and plain-text attachments

Emanuel Borsboom


Much like PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, and some other file types get an inline preview (so you can see the contents right in the note window), it would be great if Evernote supported this for Markdown and plain-text attachments.


The pitch: one thing quite a few people seem to be frustrated by (myself included) is that Evernote doesn't work very well with Markdown. It has no support for formatting markdown entered into a note, and its editor isn't very good for entering Markdown (or plain text) either.  While full first-class support for Markdown right within a note would be awesome, it would be a tricky feature to implement and just doesn't fit well into Evernote's document model.  It's clearly not a priority for Evernote, which is understandable given the complexity.


However, the feature I propose would get us much of the way there.  If I want some Markdown in a note, I just attach file.  With Evernote's excellent and convenient support for editing attachments using external editors, I can edit that Markdown in my editor of choice (in my case, FoldingText).  When I save the file in the external editor, the inline preview in the note updates.


This seems like a relatively painless feature to implement, since it all seems to fit within the existing model of how Evernote works and is a matter of adding an extra preview type.  I think it would satisfy the majority of people who want Markdown support in Evernote.  It would certainly improve my workflow immensely, and I'd probably be using Evernote a lot more if were implemented.  


If Markdown turns out to be tricky to implement preview for, I'd even be satisfied if Evernote could just do inline preview of plain-text attachments (and just render .md/.markdown files as plain-text).


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Just wanted to add a note: while there are several handy tools for *importing* formatted markdown into Evernote, those all seem to be one-way.  The original Markdown is not in Evernote, only the formatted version is, so any changes made within Evernote can't be turned back into Markdown.  My proposed feature gives users a way to *edit* the Markdown in a note as well.

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I think a simple way for them to please us markdown users would be to format markdown in the presentation view. They already have the new presentation mode that reformats how things look. It would be nice if it would automatically recognize markdown and format it correctly.

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