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Importing Word or Excel documents to Evernote from MAC



Hi, i have a basic free evernote account that i use with both windows & MAC. I have a windows laptop at home and use a mac while on the road. Everything works fine with windows but i have a couple of issues when using MAC operating system. 

1. If i create a Word or Excel file on MAC, i cannot drag/copy/attach the file to a note in evernote. It wont let me. Any reason why or work arounds?

2. I cannot edit current attachments in evernote while using MAC operating system. All files only open in read only format, meaning i must save them again on my desktop, but as per the first part of my question - i cannot re attach them to the note. As a result i end up creating/editing documents and emailing them to myself before reimporting them from my windows PC. 


Is this normal or am i missing something?

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