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Adding New Tags

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Has something in Evernote changed?  I'm not a heavy user, but always before when I created a new note the little "tag icon" could be used to seemingly create at least 1 or two tags to a note.  Recently, when I click on that icon, nothing happens.  Yes, I can hit some keys to bring up the option but why does the "add tag" icon no longer work?  Did I inadvertently change some setting?  Thank you.

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Jeff, sorry to seem the rube. I'm running the Windows version and it is up to date. Mind you, by clicking on several key combos I'm able to add a note, but before this I just had to click on an icon. Now, clicking that same icon does nothing.


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OK. When you are editing a note, new or otherwise, clicking on the tag icon in the note header does nothing; you need to click on the text that says "Click to add tag...". At that point, you should get an empty, light-blue, prompt; start typing and there will be a drop-down list of tags whose starting letters match what you've typed so far.


Is that what you're seeing?

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