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Blank PDFs within notes

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Hi All - Ive searched the forums to find similar comments about lack of preview or blank PDF pages within notes... wondering if anyone can help me with Android?


Im importing a PDF directly into Evernote, the attachment icon shows, I can open it, but ALL pages are blank.


This is only on android, as within a few moments, the same note is synced across my devices and I can see it perfectly on iPhone (app) and PC (program)


Seems the problem is direct on Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) - all pages are blank.


I have reinstalled and tried different things, but this is a bit of a deal breaker.


Im premium too!


Any help most welcome.

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Hi - well,  first the obvious;  it should work.  I get PDFs on my Galaxy S3 without any problem.  Do you see your other notes OK?  Your account is syncing everything to your Tab except (apparently) for the PDF contents?


How much free storage space do you have on the tab?

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I can see all my notes, and infact a few PDF's.  The PDFs I can see have been raised on other devices (ie, my home PC)  Any PDF added from the Tablet itself is entirely white/blank, when viewed on the tablet.


The same PDF is entirely visible on the other devices though, weird!..


In the notebooks view, I can see all the thumbnails too,problem seems to be when you open its own viewer to view those particular PDFs.


Plenty of space left, 7gb of internal memory, and a blank SD card for anything else.



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Hmmn.  Can you try installing another PDF-reading app on your Tab?  It may be that there's some incompatibility between the PDF writer and the app used to display the content.  Failing any inspirations,  I'd suggest raising a support ticket (see below) - see what the guys in white coats have to say..

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