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better tables in the editor



The editor does a pretty poor job of handling tables (among other things), and a fix is long overdue.



  • If you create the table with a fixed width size, there is no way to later change that size. You have to create a new table and redo everything. Evernote will dynamically resize the columns as you add/remove content, but this is different from the width of the table. The same problem applies to the variable width, providing no way to change it after the fact.
  • Columns dynamically resize. It is pretty ridiculous the way these work. While it's nice sometimes to make sure everything fits, it can also be incredibly annoying. I want to be able to "lock" the size of specific columns so it doesn't attempt to resize.
  • No look and feel options. You cannot change the background color on a row and/or column, and border colors and size cannot be changed.


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