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(Archived) Issue with Mac version - unable to select a notebook



I have this strange thing that started after my last update on Evernote. (still Leopard, not snow btw). When I launch Evernote from my icon up top (Find in evernote), I am unable to select any notebooks. I click them but nothing happens. If I quit Evernote and relaunch it, it works fine.. until next time. Anyone else seeing this?

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That's pretty strange, I haven't seen that. Maybe you could try running the Mac "Console" application as soon as you see this and check the last dozen "Evernote" lines there to see if there's something that looks like an error. That might point to the source of the problem.

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I have the same problem--if I close Evernote (vs. minimizing it) it won't reopen the files by clicking the icon on my sidebar. I have to click new folder to take me to folders, but then I can't move between folders. I have to quit and reopen Evernote, and then try to remember to minimize vs. closing. Also the fix for spontaneous font shrinking in notes you say you have created in the update does not work on my Mac.

I wouldn't even know where to begin to look for code errors in Console.

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smprice -

Your problem (clicking on the dock won't open a new Evernote window) is a bit different. This is a bug in the last version that will be fixed in the next hot fix update. For now, you can open a new Evernote window from the File menu.

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I've been having trouble for the last two days with Evernote being all greyed-out and not being able to select anything. I have to quit the application and start over. Thankfully I don't lose my work. This usually happens when I have been editing a notebook and want to save or sync it. But I can't sync because the main EN window is greyed out and I can't select anything on that window.

Another thing that's been happening, most of the time at the same time as this issue, is I can't minimize the main EN window so I only have one or two notes open on the desktop. This really bugs me because I have a small screen and don't like having many windows open at the same time.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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