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Recent Android Update - now tags are alpha, not grouped

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Love Evernote! Keep up the great work.


Recent update however (5.9 on Android) removed my hierarchy of tags on my tablet which are now displayed merely alphabetically rather than how I had them grouped. Can you please make this an option to go alpha or groups?


My desktop version is still nicely grouped and so much more helpful. Please bring that back to the android version.



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On a related note in 5.9, any chance any of you also know how to use the snippet / list view function? Seems to me it is predetermined depending on how you use the "sort by" function, meaning they're no longer independent? I could be wrong though. 

Also, I can select notebooks. But unlike in 5.8 I cannot seem to select a stack by itself and view all the notes in the all the notebooks in a particular stack. It will only allow me to choose a notebook. 


Any ideas?

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