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Support - Still waiting after three days

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I submitted a support ticket 3 days ago but all I have received is an automatic reply

How long does it normally take to get a reply ?

Kind Regards

Clive Churchward

Please see the info in my signature. If you're premium & submitted your ticket on or before Friday, please post the ticket number here.

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Yes, to make very clear what BnF is alluding to, Evernote support works business days only. If you submitted three days ago (which would be saturday? Nobody will have looked at it until sometime monday during business hours pacific time. So this would amount to being just over 1 business day since you submitted. 


Follow BnF's suggestions if you are premium. If you are a free user, give it another business day or two. 

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Ok but its now Wednesday and I have still not received a reply!

As was stated, if you are premium, please post your ticket number here. If you have a free account, it may take a few days or more sometimes, depending upon how busy they are. IIRC, they have been swamped, so it may take more than a couple of days.

Have you searched the message board on your problem to see if it's been addressed already? If it has not, you can always ask questions here. This is a users board, but many issues have been addressed here and there are several knowledgable people here.

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Glad you got it figured out. BTW, yes, it's Wednesday. But in California, it's only 1:50 a.m. on Wednesday. Sounds like you submitted your ticket over the weekend. So it's still not an unusually long time, if you have a free account.

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