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How do I delete from Skitch but NOT from Evernote?


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this is probably a really dumb question but I've searched and can't find the answer, so my apologies.


I previously had Skitch preferences set to only upload to Evernote when I clicked save. But I wanted to capture all the screenshots from a webinar and get them all into Evernote so I changed it to auto upload them to my Evernote inbox. Worked great, I LOVE the ability to use a hotkey to take a screenshot of the last area from the prior screenshot. Huge timesaver.


So anyway, now I have like a 100 screenshots in Skitch. I'd like to clear them out of it, but it appears that when I delete them in Skitch, it also deletes them in Evernote. How do I clear out Skitch but keep those notes in Evernote?

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so, I've figured out how to do this, but dang is it a pain in the butt and a roundabout way of doing it.


I'm having to take all the slides in evernote that I created from skitch and copy them to an empty notebook that's used as a temporary placeholder. Then I go back and delete the original notes in Evernote, which also deletes them in Skitch. Then I move the copies back to the original notebook and I've got the desired end result.


I would VERY much like to see behavior where once a screenshot is uploaded from Skitch to Evernote, that relationship is severed and I can do whatever I want with the note in either app and it doesn't affect the state of the note in the other app. Now others may have a workflow where that would be disastrous, but for me, the way it is now makes no sense and is a real pain.


This is enough trouble to make me take a hard look at Ember, frankly. There I can just drag screenshots into Evernote and do whatever I want with them in the native app. In the meantime, I'm going to have Skitch screenshots go to my previously unused "Skitch" notebook instead of my inbox notebook. Then I'll have to copy those notes into their desired final destination instead of moving them, then I can delete them from the Skitch notebook which will delete them from Skitch. Seems really dumb that I have to do all that, but there you have it.

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well *****, even that didn't do it. As soon as I moved the copied notes back to their original home, they were restored in Skitch, even though the originals imported from Skitch are sitting in Trash.


This is really, really stupid app behavior, and now I'm REALLY hoping that Ember is a worthwhile app. I'm not seeing any way to delete screenshots out of Skitch without deleting the note in Evernote, and I don't want to rack up thousands of screenshots in Skitch just hanging around.



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I was under the impression you could 'Copy' notes from your Skitch Notebook in Evernote to any other Notebook in Evernote. This should sever the Skitch App relationship from the 'copied' notes. Does that not work?

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that's what I thought. No joy. 


Tried copying the notes into a synchronized notebook, then deleted the originals, then moved the copies back to the original notebook. When I deleted the originals, they were also deleted out of Skitch. When I moved the copies back, they were restored in Skitch. So I tried with a local notebook thinking that might make a difference. Nope, same result.


I remembered I have a copy of Voilà, so I've quit Skitch and am using it for now. It has export directly to Evernote, robust organizational and markup functionality, and none of this synchronizing BS. If it continues to work well and is stable, then I'm likely done with Skitch, at least until they remedy this issue.

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