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IFTTT very hit and miss on Evernote

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Hi all


I'm wondering if you can help me. 


I have various recipes set up posting things to Evernote. However, some of them either don't work, or seem to start working and then stop. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. 


For example, I have set up a recipe to send a note to Evernote when I add a YouTube video to 'Watch Later' 


I've attached the Screen Shot. 


Title: Watch Later: 'Title'

Body: 'Url'<br> 'Description'

Notebook: IFTTT YouTube

Tags: IFTTT, YouTube, watch later, video



Anyone got any ideas? 


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IFTTT provides some information that might be helpful in diagnosing this. 


1) In IFTTT, it shoudl say the number of times a recipe has fired. Does this number correspond to the number of triggers? So, if you were to check the number now, then go and save a video for later in youtube, and check that number again (after an appropriate delay, since IFTTT only queries every few minutes), does that number increment by 1?

2) Does the number of times a recipe has fired correspond to the number of notes created in Evernote? 


1 and 2 will help figure out whether the recipe is firing properly or not, and whether the problem is on the YouTube or Evernote trigger. For example, it might be the case that the recipe isn't even firing at all, in which case nothing would show up in Evernote. Possibly the recipe does fire, but nothing shows in Evernote, in which case there may be an issue with the EN trigger. 


3) IFTTT provides an error log for each recipe. If you look at this, is there anything that indicates an error is occurring with the recipe you are having problems with? This could reveal an issue with something like being improperly logged into one or the other service. 


4) Peruse the support resources provided by IFTTT in case they offer some insight that Evernote users here might not have.

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