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calculable Meta Data

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How about adding a meta data field that can be calculated
I'm trying to talk my company into this, but one reason they don't want to is because a lack of reporting features.  This idea would be a simple enough option that could bring a lot of extra power to evernote.



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Hi.  "Simple options" often aren't all that simple when translated into multiple different platforms,  and deciding exactly what a "calculated field" should include,  what format(s) it should follow and how many options should be available means this is not going to happen (unless it was already in a pipeline somewhere) for the foreseeable future if it is accepted as a viable feature request.  External apps can interface with Evernote,  and you may be able to find (or commission) something that will store your data in a reportable format.  For the moment though it looks like you'll need to look elsewhere...

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