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Feature Suggestion: More sophisticated audio controls (scrubbing)



I use Evernote to record meetings that can be hours long. On playing back, sometimes I just want to listen to the last 20 seconds or so at a certain point, e.g. when what was said was unclear. With the current system, dragging the cursor backwards on long recordings just takes me back by several minutes, there just isn't a way to do fine scrubbing.


I can suggest a button like "Audible" which replays the last 30 seconds of audio, or perhaps controls with the cursor keys (e.g. every back arrow takes you back 10 seconds).

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I can see how the current interface built into Evernote might not jive well with such long recordings. 

We can only guess as to whether Evernote will make changes in this regard. In the meantime, one thing I may suggest would be to right-click/ctrl-click the audio file and open it in the audio playback application of your choice (Quicktime, iTunes, VLC Media Player, etc). If there is a third-party application with more granular transport controls, you can open it in that!

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