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Duplicate Photos When Using Evernote Camera

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I have a problem with the built in camera in the app. Well, it's not really the camera itself, but every time I take a picture, the picture saves twice in my gallery. Does anyone else have this problem and a solution to it?

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I used to have this problem much long ago. I received a response that for some reason it has got to do with the cellular network used. I didnt buy that logic back then, but some how that issue has got cleared on its own. I used a HTC One V. I have had several evernote App updates along with device code updates. So, i dont know what fixed the problem. 

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I believe it is due to the fact that I use a 3rd-party photo gallery (I use QuikPic instead of the stock gallery app). The photos in the stock gallery app are not duplicated - just from Evernote. I think it is because both QuikPic and the stock gallery save the photo onto my phone.

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I am using the stock photo gallery and don't have any other gallery.  All photos taken via Evernote are duplicated in the Evernote album.  Photos taken with the camera app are not duplicated.


Sometimes the photos taken via Evernote are missing from Evernote, sometimes they are duplicated in Evernote too, and sometimes there is only one photo in Evernote, but there are always 2 in the Evernote album in the android gallery.

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I've had this same problem for months, starting from my first installation and persisting through several updates. I have two of every single image I've ever added to any note by taking a photo with the camera in my phone (Moto G, Android 4.4.2, Evernote


Not only does this double the storage requirements for my evernote, it also syncs with google+, so I see these duplicates all the time.

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Any update on this? 
I also have dupe photos filling up my Evernote photo gallery. There aren't dupes in mobile app, or the website, or my computer app. Just my stock Android Evernote gallery.

Tried a full uninstall, and only succeeding in creating dupes for the few photos that randomly didn't seem to have them originally :/ I'd love to get this fixed!

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I have the same issue on iPhone. I will take a photo, share it with Evernote, then convert that to a daily journal entry by editing it on the Mac. Almost without fail, the next day I will see the photo again in my default notebook.

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