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Sub tags duplication

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I use Evernote on my Mac at home and on my pc at work both with the desktop client installed


I saw a great you tube by Jim Scano called "Evernote and GTD" and that suggested tags and subtasks


I did this at home and organized all my notes

Now I am at work but I see that all my tags have duplicated! (see attachment)


I tried to delete one of my duplicated tags but on the other half of the duplication suddenly the number that show the number of notes with that tag went to zero

plus I cannot delete it?

I quickly re tagged my notes that were in the tag I deleted


But I still cant delete that duplicate tag

Any ideas?






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Try a Revo uninstall of the Windows application (backup your database first) and 'clean' reinstall the latest version.  Tags have been a little problematic in various ways (although the latest Beta release is supposed to sort those out..) but this is the first out and out duplication problem I've heard of...

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I'll have a go tomorrow

Hope I can persuade our IT dept to let me do it :unsure:   


Are you using the same user ID and password, both at work and at home?


If not, you might be "sharing" notebooks.  I tried that and ran into all sorts of snafus involving tags. I finally tossed in the towel and resorted to two separate Evernote accounts with different ID's and passwords. It is definitely not an ideal solution.


I gave up on the concept of everything going to my "second brain" in Evernote.

I am using Google Keep, along with OneDrive, OneNote and DropBox.

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