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Why did my Web Clipper icon disappear?

curious rabbit

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Somehow, sometime in the past couple of weeks the web clipper icon disappeared from the Safari toolbar. Today I have attempted to install it again and cannot claim any success. Process is:

  • download Evernote.6.1.3.safariextz from EN site.
  • double click resultant file in Downloads folder.
  • quit and relaunch Safari

The expected result is that the web clipper icon shows in the toolbar.

The actual result is no icon, Evernote.6.1.3.safariextz file removed from Downloads, no error message.


I have rebooted the machine, 


Mac OS X 10.9.3

Safari 7.0.4

Web Clipper 6.1.3

MacBook Pro laptop.


Clipper working as expected with Chrome and Firefox

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Are you sure that it isn't just a matter of the button having been removed from the toolbar?

Can you confirm that the clipper is truly not installed by going to Safari>Preferences>Extensions  and seeing whether the Clipper is in the list of installed extensions?


If does appear in that list, return to your browser window right/ctrl-click on the toolbar and select "customize toolbar" and drag the clipper icon to the location of your choice on the toolbar. 

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