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Feature / help request - Increase number of recent notebooks shown

Dan D

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I love the new drop down box for filing / moving notes from the default notebook into other but find that 3 "recents" isn't nearly enough.




Increasing this to 7 or 10 would be great.


Is this something planned?


Perhaps there is a setting to change this that I haven't been able to find?





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[Windows Only]

There's a registry setting for this: "RecentNotebooksCount":

* IMPORTANT: First, completely shut down Evernote using File / Exit.

* Go to the registry; you should find the Evernote settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote.

* Find the DWORD value "RecentNotebooksCount"; it should be set to 3

* Change it to whatever you want

* Restart Evernote

You may need to select more notebooks before your new notebook list is completely populated. I just tried this and it worked fine.

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Hi Jeff,


It works perfectly.


As a test I changed it to 7 and when I opened Evernote back up the last 7 were showing.


A very successful first post :)


Thank you for the awesome support!





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