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Syncing and Syncing and Syncing and ....


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I'm using the Clipper extension on both Chrome and Chromium... but for some reason the "syncing" notification never terminates. Usually I just click somewhere on the page and it goes away. Even though it never completes, the clip does show up in my account... Not sure why this is happening... I'm always wondering whether I've terminated the sync prematurely, but for the most part, things work out.


Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling helps, but only for a short while.


What's up here? Am I the only one seeing this?

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I have a similar problem, the  "Syncing" notification never terminates and does not update. On several occasions I have deleted "Web Clipper" from Chrome and re-installed and all is well for a week or so.

This is far from satisfactory and I hope there is a permanent cure for this. 

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Hi All,


Not sure what is happening here. I use Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 m, on Windows 8.0 and Evernote Business and don't have a problem.


Can I suggest you list what you have, to see if it is a problem with your version compatibility.


Best regards




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Both Chromium and Chrome sync excessively...

Here's some system info...



Chromium v37.0.2046.0 (276657)

Chrome v36.0.1985.97 beta-m

Evernote Desktop (271962) Public

Evernote Web Clipper  6.1.3


Just got notification of Evernote 5.4.1 Prerelease (272027) availability. If anything changes, I'll update this post.


FWIW it syncs endlessly whether I save the page via the toolbar extension, or simply select text and save selection via a right-click.


I tried to test this on an incognito page, but it couldn't save the page using the tool bar extension. Using a text selection it too syncd for excess time... so it seems that it is not other extensions interfering.


This has been happening for some time now... through many Evernote and Browser updates.




UPDATE: I've grabbed the Clipper beta. Right now that is working well for me on Chromium. Nice implementation too.

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