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Evernote to Asana Hack


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I am (me) an Evernote user and me and my team use Asana for task management.  I have team buy-in to Asana so I don't want to change.  I would like to find a good Evernote to Asana integration, but I have found the two most popular--Cloudwork and Zapier--wanting.  I can't get either to transfer attachments, and Cloudwork garbles text with comic strip vulgarity--many characters, "&" mostly, that I would rather not edit out.  Zapier only gives me headers.  I could have done the same thing and added attachments from Dropbox myself.


I could also share via email and then forward to x@mail.asana.com but the back and forth is wasted time.  It does, however provide the best quality.  The reason Asana and Evernote don't play nice is shared Evernote notes come from no-reply@evernote.com.  Standard email forwarding doesn't work because the originating email is still no-reply@evernote.com, not me@myemail blah-blah.  The email appears to come from A (Evernote) to C (Asana), not from A to B (email client), then B to C.


Lots of words to finally arrive at a question:  Is there an email service that will receive no-reply@@evernote.com to blah, then forward from blah, to x@mail.asana.com?  That way sharing a note from that email provider would generate a task in Asana.


Thanks in advance


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I tried one of the ifttt hacks but all I get is a short message and an abbreviated link--via Evernote http://ift.tt/1lsZ2Io.  At least the link works.  I get better results emailing it back to myself as shown.  I don't want to go backward to go forward.  My source material is varied: an email, Evernote web clip, photos, drawings, all of which Evernote stores, and Asana tracks for me and my team.  Look at the two screenshots in Asana--one from Gmail and one from Zapier.  Cloudwork is still lost in the ether.


Gmail to Asana:



Zapier to Asana:


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Don't know if it will work in this context,  but I remember one of the reminder email services (I think it was followup.cc) posting that the no-reply address had caused them problems too,  but they had managed to find a way around it.  You could send an email to 3pm@followup.cc (or something similar) with a CC to your EN address which should mean that you get a forwarded reminder at that time attaching the original email that might slide past Evernote...


That's a little way out there,  and would require some experiment to see whether it would work!


Plan B would be - submit a support ticket,  see if the white coats have any other suggestions...  B)

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That's not quite how it works.  Evernote is the source, and sends notes out as no-reply@evernote.com.  Asana tasks can be emailed to x@mail.asana.com.  That is the same address for all users, and Asana recognizes which user it came from.  Only address that are listed can send to Asana, and each address must be confirmed--that's why a no-reply address is a problem.  Both Evernote and Asana say "that's how it works".  Asana is a great app, and I have buy-in from less tech savvy people in my team, so finding another app is difficult.  Evernote would be a stand-alone app with TSW if it were just me.


What I need is an email provider that would forward the no-reply@evernote com note from Evernote with a me@blah-mail.com address to make a task in Asana.  Hopefully a service that doesn't cater to creeps.  This would be a good Evernote-Asana hack and better than what I currently see on the market.


Is there anything out there like that?

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That was a bit of a cryptic answer.  I was not going to suggest changing your email service, if that was your assumption; but knowing what you use might help us in suggesting solutions.

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Have you tried the a Gmail to Gmail forwarding recipe in IFTTT.  We use essentially this recipe to forward TaskClone emails received in a users Gmail account to the users Wunderlist, Azendoo or Any.do account.  Because those services must recognize the FROM email address, this gets around the restriction.  You could use this with Asana, even without registering a new email address if a Gmail address is your primary with Asana.  


Try repurposing this recipe https://ifttt.com/recipes/157793-send-taskclone-email-to-task-app .  Not sure how to handle the attachments issue.


Of course, you could just use TaskClone to connect Evernote and Asana, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.   :unsure:

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