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Password protected PDFs - how long "open"?


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First: GREAT that with the new Windows-Desktop update all things with password protected PDFs works fine again! Thank you, important feature!


If I decrypt such a document it stays visible (this is okay, so I don't have to input my password again and again in a short session). But it stays open as well as I logged out and logged in again?

How can I make the protected document "invisible" again? The only way I found is to open it in Acrobat and make a "save as" (like the live updates).


Thank you again for hints.

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The cache is meant to clear itself on sign out, but there's a bug in the current beta that's preventing this. The fix for this should appear in the next beta. Until then, you will need to exit the client completely to clear out the PDF password cache.

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First, let me say that I wasn't aware that there was an issue with password protected pdf documents in the windows version, at least I haven't had a problem using them. What I would like to know Emerick, is will you all ever fix the password protected pdf issue that currently exists in the android version? The problem I'm having is whenever I try to open a password protected pdf on android devices, I receive an error which says - PDF IS PASSWORD PROTECTED - Resource Not Changed.

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