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Evernote for Portfolios

Rob van Nood

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One of my favorite features in Evernote, when it comes to collaborating and providing feedback to students, is the annotate button.  When an artifact is shared it can then be annotated using the tools found in Skitch.  You can annotate any note as a PDF or photo which allows you to write and draw directly on the work itself.  Once you are done annotating Evernote creates a new note with the entire annotation, a break down of each annotation and the name of the person who gave the annotation.  It keeps the original notes title but adds Annotated to it so it is easy to see what work has been give feedback.  At the same time it keeps the original work so it doesn’t need to be redone aafter all the annotating.screen-shot-2014-06-25-at-11-39-42-am.pn

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