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I want to type something into Evernote on my desk top computer, then sync it so it shows up in Evernote in my Galaxy S4. Or Vice versa. Have been unable to to do this. What am I doing wrong? Or not doing right? Thanks.

P.S. Using Windows 7 on desktop. 

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This is how Evernote works.

  • Type something "XYZ123" in Win 7 desktop
  • Sync computer (or wait a while for auto-sync)
  • Sync Galaxy S4 (or wait a while for auto-sync)
  • Search for "XYZ123" in Galaxy. 
  • Read note.

If that doesn;t work and you still want us to tell you what you're doing wrong,  we'll need a similar run down of exactly what you're actually doing to get started...

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