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no-reply email address is unprofessional

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I am very pleased to see that Evernote has allowed us to remove the Evernote advertisement when we are sending an email out from evernote. Much more professional. But at the same time, you changed your method of email delivery to include no-reply@evernote.com.
I realize that we can CC ourselves on the note, etc., but it still is confusing to the receiver of the message.
A small list of donotreply email origination services are provided here: 
And here’s more DONOTREPLY input… 
These are all large corporations BROADCASTING info to individuals. 
So if I send email via Evernote, that is the way I am perceived, both by the receiving party, and the receiving party's spam filter as a large BROADCASTING organization.
I believe it was not always this way. Just before Evernote made the change to allow removal of the email marketing message, it was changed. Great timing. 
And it is not something where there is a need for a ton of development time. As it was ALREADY DEVELOPED and implemented by Evernote. 
In summary, as an Evernote Premiere subscriber, I would like to get this back to the old method of addressing the email originating party (i.e. use my email and not the donotreply method). 


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Hi.  If you search for "no-reply" in the forums,  there has been quite a lot of discussion about this plus some feedback as to why the decision was taken.  AFAIK Evernote do not have any plans at this stage to roll back changes to the email process.

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Yes this was a very deliberate move, and a move made to ensure that emails sent from Evernote are delivered to their recipient. The old method of spoofing your email address is a bit of a hack and is increasingly interpreted as spam.

I'd post a link to the numerous threads that explain this, but I'm on my iPad. You'll find them quickly with a search.

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