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EN overwrote 4 days of written notes due to sync weirdness

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Was using EN's ink feature on my tablet for a conference. It worked great! I've opened up EN on my laptop every couple days to annotate and transcribe. Today, open it up, get the "conflict sync" message. Uh oh. So I start transcribing in the Conflicted Copy, which is the one from my tablet, and figure I'll just rename it and make that my working copy. Start working and notice that half the images didn't sync from my tablet. That's a problem. So I go to my tablet and hit Sync again. Sync, it does. Bam, the images are gone from my tablet as well.


Here's the thing. I'm sure someone's going to come along and tell me that "this is just how EN works." I've seen it on other threads here. However, this SHOULDN'T be my problem. It's simply not acceptable in this day and age to not have seamless sync. Dropbox has it figured out. Google Docs has it figured out. But even beyond it not being user-friendly, there is NO excuse for unrecoverable data loss on sync. At very least, there needs to be an ability to revert changes to the last version of a note. It's ridiculous. I foresaw this being a problem as I was syncing, and there was NO way to get out of the loop I was in.


I just put in about a week's worth of time and knowledge that I paid ~$1K for, just to have Evernote eat it on sync. That is unacceptable.

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Hi - I'm sorry for your poor experience,  and I'll gladly spare you any lecture.  Unfortunately if the data is gone,  it's gone and there's nothing anyone can do to get it back.  I do recommend that you raise a support ticket (see below) and if you have an device that has a version of your notes that hasn't synced yet,  try to stay off the net with it until you get a response.  You may be able to find some notes in the Trash notebook,  the Conflicts notebook,  or if you are a Premium member (or are willing to become one for a month) you may be able to step back one or other note to a previous version.  But if your new data wasn't saved to the server - and that may have been because of any number of local or internet traffic problems - then it existed only on the machine you were using at the time.  Support may have more options for you - I hope you find what you need.

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