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Odd behavior when typing notes...

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I am having an issue with Evernote where the top of the note scrolls off the top of the note. 


Step 1: I create a new note.

Step 2: I type in the main box of the note.


Once I get a few lines down (no where near the bottom of the note on the screen), the top of the note will vanish.   I've found that it doesn't actually "vanish", it is hidden behind the area where the title of the note is located. The only way I can get the text down is to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor to the top, then hit ENTER 2-3 times until the text appears from behind the note title (as now there are "enters" at the top of the note, pushing the text down so it can be seen).


Any ideas on how to fix this? It's not preventing me from using Evernote, but its an annoyance I didn't experience a few months ago. 



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I get this in the Windows client - don't think it's new,  that scroll process has always been a bit clunky.  The note content spreads downward as far as it can in the Evernote window,  then the top scrolls back up and there's a hiccup when the top part of the note jumps upwards and leaves you staring at a couple of visible lines on an otherwise blank page.  I use a scroll mouse though and just wind back up the screen,  so it's never been an issue for me..

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