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Tags not syncing after several updates

Kara M.

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I create a tag for each project that I currently have.  Last week on my work PC (Windows 7) I renamed several tags.  The new tag names are not showing up on my other devices?  If I tag items with the new tag on the PC then my Mac still has those same items under the old tag name so syncing is fine for notes but the names of the tags aren't syncing up on my other devices (and it seems to be that the names aren't syncing on any device I have - a Mac laptop, an Android phone and another windows desktop).  Anyone have thoughts on how to get the tag names back in sync?

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I just experienced the same thing. 


Today on my Windows 7 primary PC I totally overhauled my tag layout, made sure every note had at least one tag assigned, and then I synched it to Evernote, several times in fact.  Later after also syncing my iPad I noticed a lot of my tags there didn't have notes assigned to them.  So I checked Evernote web and found almost 200 notes there that didn't have any tags assigned.  Using Evernote web I manually assigned notes to tags which solved my immediate problem so I'm back in business now but I'm also wondering why my tags didn't sync from my primary PC to the web?

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