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Can we please have a highlighter function?



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uh, more details please. 


I notice this was tagged with "penultimate". I'm curious, what are you highlighting in Penultimate? Currently penultimate doesn't allow for the importing and annotating PDF documents or really any other file (except for the relatively un-helpful ability to import an image as a background).


Skitch and the PDF annotation tools built into Evernote on mobile DOES contain a highlighter, though. 


Are you wanting to highlight handwritten material in Penultimate? 

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Yes it would would be very useful to highlight more important notes that I have written - underlining or adding a border in a different colour is ok but not as good as a highlighter - similar to that which you can so in Notability

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In the meantime I have worked up another alternative - if I initial important notes/ actions then I can do a search across all workbooks - just need a function to automatically extract them and drop them in to a task list :)

But it should be noted that if there are any graphics ( underline / circle around) the initials then the search doesn't find the text - but this is not the end of the world - just need to break old habits :(

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A highlighter option would be great - to highlight notes I've taken or to emphasize or colour sketches in!  


Ive been trying to use Paper (53) for notes and sketches (for design/Architecture) but its really drags when I have to write anything more than a few words.  Ive also tried Paper (Wacom) but that too sucks the big one for writing notes that are longer than just a few words on my iPad mini.  Maybe its my screen size but the mini is the perfect size for portability.


Is this in the works?  

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I would like a highlighter that draws in a straight line!  like the one in the clipper function.  In fact the clipper highlighter is even better

in that you can drag across a paragraph and it will highlight under each line in the paragraph.  

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