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How to create image note through email with correct order.

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I would like to add new note through email.

My note have a text and some pictures and the picture was sorted and order is very important.


I send new note with some pictures

and the order is lexical order by filename( xxx_p1.jpg, xxx_p2.jpg, xxx_p3.jpg, xxx_p4.jpg).


I can create a new note with same pictures, but out of order.


And the order is poorly understood.

Because, these pictures order is this.

xxx_p4.jpg, xxx_p1.jpg, xxx_p3.jpg, xxx_p2.jpg


the other case (send  yyy_p1.jpg, yyy_p2.jpg, yyy_p3.jpg, yyy_p4.jpg pictures) is that,

yyy_p3.jpg, yyy_p4.jpg, yyy_p2.jpg, yyy_p1.jpg



xxx_p4, yyy_p4, yyy_p1 is big picture, the other picture is smaller.

So, first case is ( big, small, small, small ), second case is ( big, small, big, small ).

(Big picture mean large canvas size and files size)


It's beyond me.

let me know how to create new note through email with correct order.


Thank you for your help



( I check my sent mail's source, and I make sure of the all images was correct order in sent mail)

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Hi - I don't know how email attachments,  and specifically pictures,  are sequentially added to a note.  But if the standard email interface doesn't process them in a specific order,  you might consider sending pictures in one by one and appending 2,3,4 rather than leaving the Evernote mail client to choose the order in which to add attachments.  Or you could edit the note in a desktop client and drag and drop the pictures to the right location.

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I use the method similar to the one mentioned by Gaz. 


1st - Put each photo into separate notes

2nd - Edit the Time in the Created Date field in 10 second increments, so that the notes (and pictures) are in the correct order

3rd - Merge all the notes together

4th - Add text in appropriate areas

5th - Remove the large blue separator bars between each note.


Tedious yes, but it ends up with what I want. The photos in the correct order and the text in the correct locations.

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Ok, I didn't now the mail protocol don't keep order.

So,  I was able to understand a little.


My account can send 250 mail per day, but I need send over 300 pictures per day (but file size is very small),

so even if I send pictures one by one and merge note, I reach a limiting value...


Perhaps, I can control the amount of pictures, I will try suggested solution.


Thanks for your advice!

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Due to some of the problems you have mentioned, I try to use other services more suited for photos.

Occasionally, I will put some photos into Evernote, but 99% of my photos are stored in Flickr or Picassa.

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