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Capturing someone's contact info from a email signature

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Hi all, 


Been using Evernote for a couple of years but this weekend I decided to make a conscious decision to become a power user.  I love the business card scanning feature on my phone but I have another requirement as well.


Quote often I get an email from a prospect and in his signature in the email is his full contact info.  Address, email, phone numbers ect.


Is there any way to capture this info as a "business card"?  I love the linkedin integration and then how Evernote brings the contacts info right into my google contacts.


Anyone know if this is possible?  I'm thinking it would happen with the chrome "clip to evernote" addon but I can't seem to get it to show up as a business card info.

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two other workarounds, neither of them are elegant or likely time saving but they get them into Evernote, if that's critical:

1) Take a picture of a blank (or back) of a business card with the business card scanner, then fill in the details manually.

2) Print the signature from the email onto a piece of paper and scan that using the business card scanner. 



Really though, if you don't need these in Evernote, then those are slow and frustrating things to do... if photographing the screen isn't working you're likely better off just manually typing/copy-pasting the info into you contacts app... 

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