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Low image resolution when sharing through url

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I've read about this problem in forum before posting. So, I just wanted to make sure that it still exists and that there is no easy way to solve it.


If someone didn't notice the problem, I'll explain again. I started to like annotation feature of Evernote. So, I would take print screen of my full hd screen, add annotations, share by url. Send the email to client and he says, he cannot see the text in the image. I open the link. He's right, resolution is too small. Example of such thing: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s3/sh/c9325d24-d23d-4b29-bba1-7132e5082f57/b5302c883bd2fc30835bc8991a9fae9a Can you read any text, except annotations?


So, any news on this problem?

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Your example seems to be a lower resolution version of an HD capture - the details of the small text aren't visible because the detail isn't present in the picture,  though they presumably were on your display.  And you don't mention what sort of screen your client has - would it be HD and able to show your full screen display? 


Evernote are aware that 'super' HD screens like 3000-pixel resolutions cause issues,  but I use a 1080p HD screen (actually,  three) without any display issues.  There may be fixes in the pipeline (see:  Evernote don't share...) but in the meantime you may need to break down your screen copy into different areas and send zoomed-in pictures of points of interest.

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