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X-platform Table bug for mac & windows.

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I've recently run into a recurring issue with evernote.

This only applies when using a mac client and a windows client.


I make a 3 by X table every morning for what to do that day.  Often I duplicate the note for this from the previous day and edit it for today.

As long as I'm editing it on the same client, everything seems OK.

Now when I try to insert a row into a table recently edited by mac while using the windows client, it appears to create a new column  on the far right that has 4 cells inside the specifically created row.


This occurs on both mac and windows, as long as you created the table on A then switched to edit it on B.  


My current work around for this issue is to cut and paste the table before editing it.  Regardless of the platform, this seems to prevent the issue from displaying.



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