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Sharing a note via e-mail to multiple users on Windows client


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OK First me

I have Evernote Premium, a mac at home with the latest version of the desktop client, an Ipad and at work a PC which also has the windows desktop client.


The task

I take notes in meetings on my IPAD and want to send them to my team of six people. I don't want them to collaborate so I would be happy to send them the note as an e-mail


The problem

I can do this from my home mac and also from my ipad as when I start typing the recipients name in the "to" window it auto suggests people from my contacts. On my work PC in the desktop client it does not auto suggest and I have to type in the individual's e-mail address. Plus I cannot work out how to send the e-mail to multiple recipients. This is made more dull by the fact that our work e-mail addresses are long.

It works as I say from my IPAD and home mac but if I send from there the guys at work see the message as coming from my home e-mail address. I do not want work replies getting sent to my personal account!


The work around

I use the share URL option on the note and paste that into my work outlook and send them an e-mail from there.


The question

Can I get my windows client to send a note to multiple users, either access my contacts or learn the team at work's addresses and if that works tell them it's from my work address. Or am I doing the best I can already :)


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At the moment you're doing the best you can.  I agree it's definitely less than optimal that one has to type the email addresses in on the Windows client.  The stated reason from Evernote is that unlike Mac and iPad where there is a standard address book provided by the operating system which Evernote ties to, on Windows there is not one standard operating-system-provided address book.  Many people use Outlook Contacts but that's not an OS standard, so Evernote chose not to link to an address book on their Windows client, at least for now.

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Brixton, I would open a message in Outlook, enter the names of the 6 people in, make sure they are displayed just as nameformat@xyz.com, then copy the To: field to the Evernote message. Would that work?


Of course, if there is no standard address book in Windows, it would be helpful if Evernote could keep a record of the people you have sent messages to in the past, then it would autopopulate. But I am not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

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