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Newbie Question: Scanning Multiple JPGs into Single Note

Josh Marshall


I fear this is a stupid question. But here goes.  I'm using the Snapscan ix500 (the generic one not the one offered by Evernote). If I have a 10 or 20 page document and I scan it to a PDF that can go into a single note. However, when I have it scan into Evernote to JPG it puts each "page"/jpg image into its own note.  How do I get it scan the entire document (running perhaps 10 or 20 pages) into a single note?  By which I mean, 10 to 20 individual jpg files, ordered in the order scanned, in a single note as opposed to multiple notes?

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Hi. I don't know the answer to this one. I usually scan as PDFs if I have lots of pages. I can think of three possibilities: scan into multiple notes and merge them, scan into a folder and drag them all into a single note when you are finished scanning, or set up some kind of Hazel (download and give it a try) function to do it automatically. There is no setting in the ix500 that I am aware of, but that could just be my ignorance.

As for me, I'm going to want to title the note (and usually the attachments) anyhow, so the drag and drop thing is all of two seconds of extra work, so no big deal.

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In order to put multiple photos in a single note, you first have to put each photo into individual notes, then use the merge feature. After the photos are merged, you can remove the big blue separator bars.


Here is an example of a website that I captured. I saved the 13 photos, made sure they were arranged chronilogically. I dropped them into Evernote and merged them together.



Scanning with ScanSnap is a bit faster because it puts each photo into a note automatically. Then just merge and clean up.


Tedious and time consuming?

Yes, but it works.


edit: one additional tip. If you want to have the scanned notes merged in a specific order, you can alter the Created Time (if you sort by Created Date)

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