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(Archived) Using iPhone, Mac, and PC

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Can you use the desktop version of both a MAC and a PC and the web version and the iphone app all together? I have a Mac at home and a PC at work.

My concern is that I spend most of my time at work. But occasionally my company will swap out our computers, and in case I might be on vacation when the notice went out, they could walk away with my Evernote PC version! If they wipe out that application, will it wipe out data on MAC, web, or iPhone?

Similar question, if someone steals my iPhone and somehow deletes everything from my Evernote app, will the data still be available on my desktop version? I like the security of having multiple backups!

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All of those platforms will synchronize to the single account on the web service, so notes that you add should be available everywhere when you sync. Deleting our application from any individual computer won't delete data from your account, although if you log in to a client and delete notes there, they'll also be removed from the service, so that you see the same thing everywhere.

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If you delete our application and the local data files from a computer or phone, that won't affect your account on the service. Your notes will only be deleted on the service if you delete them from within our client.

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