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Evernote Clipper functionality for mobile app for recipes


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I was trying to convince my wife that Evernote was better for saving her recipes, but had a major fail. Unless I can convince her it works, she'll probably end up using Pocket.


I have Evernote Food installed on my Android mobile. 


If I use Evernote Clipper from the Windows browser to save a recipe to my notebook, it shows up fine in Evernote Food. But if I am browsing the same website with the recipe on my Android mobile phone, the only option I have for saving it to Evernote is to use the menu button to "share" the link to Evernote. Unfortunately there is no Evernote Clipper for mobile, so it only saves the URL of the website in the note.


Thus when I try to find the recipe in Evernote Food, I can only find the URL in a note, not the actual recipe.


Is there anyway to save an article into a note from my Android mobile (I use the Chrome Browser for Android) so that the actual article is saved in the note, and not just the URL?

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