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Feature Request: Fill



I have seen various posts about the missing Fill feature in Skitch, and discussions around why it was removed (lack of use :/) and that it is on the feature request list for the future. However, I wanted to create a more official request for it with some specifics in hopes that others will add their votes and wants related to this feature.


We heavily used the Fill feature in Skitch 1.0 specifically with the half-opacity grey in order to highlight specific things on screenshots for our documentation. The lack of this feature is really a big gap for us in Skitch. We used this in conjunction with the existing shape tool to draw the user's eye immediately to the area(s) we wanted. It provided an easy way to craft these images quickly and the results were truly great. Especially since the Skitch tagline is "Draw Attention", this would seem to be a key feature to enhance Skitch by doing exactly what you're marketing for.


The alternative mentioned in other posts, using the pixelate tool, is too drastic and obscures the background image way too much for our needs. The pixelate feature is a good one for sure, but not for this specific use.


Now our images provide less focus to the callout areas for the user unless we edit in another piece of software. 


I assume the Fill feature is still on the roadmap somewhere... does it also include the ability to fill areas with semi-transparent color? And is there any timeline you could share as to when we might see it?


I'm happy to participate in providing other use cases, testing, or whatever other kind of input you may need to help understand the need for this missing feature. I hope others will chime in as well.


My example: 



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