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Sort tags in the sidebar


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I apologise from the outset if this question is in the wrong forum.  I use the Evernote application on Windows and I'm sure my tags have been listed alphabetically in the sidebar for ages.  However, when I created a new tag "Archived" today, it went to the bottom of the list.  Then I created a tag "Work", which went directly underneath it.  My list is now:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Personal
  • Seasonal
  • To-do list
  • Travel / transport
  • Archived
  • Work

There's no rhyme or reason to this sort order.  I'd like my Work tag to be at the top, and given the randomness of this list I assumed I should just move it manually.  When I click & drag I get the black boundary indicating where the tag will move to, and this works beautifully for moving the tag into another tag, ie as a sub-tag.  However, if I drag it to the top of the list, ie as a "top level" tag, it stubbornly goes back to the bottom of the list.


So my question is - if it's meant to be alphabetical why is my Archived tag near the bottom of the list?  Alternatively, if it's meant to be sorted manually why can't I move my Work tag to the top of the list (or indeed anywhere as a top-level tag)?


Any help would be appreciated.  It's not a major issue, except that I'm equally stubborn and don't like to be beaten. :-)




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Hi and welcome to the forums !


TAGS do in fact sort alphabetically, as top-level TAGS or as subtags.

I can not replicate the behavior you are describing.

Try to remove your new TAG "archive", then right click on TAGS and create a new TAG "archive".

It should then sort correctly.


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You may find that you need to shut down Evernote and restart it to get them to sort correctly. Mine are sorted alphabetically, and I think that that's the intent.

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Thanks so much for the fast replies, and for your suggestions.  I already tried the time-honoured method of "go out and back in again", because that so often provides the necessary kick, but it didn't change.  What was interesting was that I clicked on the Announcements, and lo & behold my Archive tag moved to the top of the list.  Ok, I thought, maybe we're behaving now and we're going to sort alphabetically.  So I put a dot in front of "Work" to shift it to the top, and it stayed exactly where it was *sigh*.  I should note that if I use the web interface they're alphabetical, it's only in the application that they're being difficult.


NOTE 1:  I was doing the earlier experiments at work.  I'm now looking at it at home, and ".Work" is at the top.  Some time delay perhaps?


NOTE 2:  I changed "Archived" to "z Archived" to move it to the bottom - and it stayed at the top.  Lest any of you think I've lost the plot altogether, I'm attaching a screen shot of the current tag list.  It's now become a battle of wits between Evernote and myself.


NOTE 3:  Restarted computer and it's now sorted alphabetically.  It's a little drastic to have to reboot in order to force the sort, but I'm still going to call it a win! :)


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Yeah, when I say shut down Evernote, I mean File / Exit, not just clicking on the red [x] close button. That just shuts down the client, and sometimes that's not enough to get things sorted out properly. Restarting the computer is a just drastic way of shutting down Evernote. :)

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Oh heck, I can't believe I didn't work that out Jeff, thank you *face palm*.  What's even more interesting though, is that just because I want to show it who's boss I've just gone into Evernote and created two more tags - and they've automatically been placed alphabetically!  Perhaps it was having a bad hair day yesterday. :wacko:

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