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Inserting date and time



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I just make it a policy to include the date in my title. My only suggesstion is that you use the same date format for every post, regardless of which application you create a note in. An example title in the two most commonly recommended formats (that I've seen) in this forum would be:

● 062514 Gardening (DDMMYY)

● 06/25/14 Gardening (DD/MM/YY)

● 140625 Gardening (YYMMDD)

● 14/06/25 Gardening (YY/MM/DD)

You could do the same with time and add it after the year, month and day. Personally, if I need time stated, I include it in the note text. For any notes I add to or substantive edits to, I open and insert the following at the top (today's date just being an example to show):

EDIT: 2014/06/20

* added text

* or reason for & brief summary of substantive edit to original text

Hope the helps. :)

Hello. Can this be done in the mobile app for Android? According to the support section in the settings, I have 5.8.1. Thanks.

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