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To sort a note automatically for the location

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I use a lot evernote pics to scan my notes at work so I wonder if there is any way to sort a photo note ( by notebook, by tag..) automatically when you take the photo in a certain location. In this way I would be able to have all my work notes at the same notebook and with the same tag doing nothing, just by taking the pic. 


Thanks a lot!!

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Hi.  The key word there is 'automatically'..  I don't think there is an easy way to do this.  You could geotag your photos/ notes and show the results on Evernote Desktop within Atlas which shows notes in map zones to allow you to find the 9 pictures you took in London (forinstance).  (Evernote can add editable locations to notes created) Depending on what geographical spread you need,  this might work for you via the desktop client.  Or - there are address fields in the list display (right click the header bar where it says 'Tags' to switch this option on) you could manually add locations by zip code or project name if that's easier.  Pics can then be sorted by area too..

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