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Suggestion: Public Link URL


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When sharing a notebook it would be helpful if there was an easier way to "copy" the link. As it is now, I must "click and drag" from the left to the right to highlight the link and CTRL-C to copy. If I want to paste the link into Gmail it retains the formatting and creates a mess. 


Please consider a "Copy Link" button that retains the link itself and none of the formatting.


Thank you!

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Ahh - a great light..  I've never used this one myself - but you're right.  Logically if you're presented with a URL you would expect there to be an easy way to add it to the clipboard...   I'd hesitate (as usual) to call it a bug,  but a feature request seems definitely in order.  Thanks for the heads-up.




When this share window pops up it's not possible to right-click the link or in any other way that I can see easily copy it.  Even with a mouse cursor you have problems sweeping from right to left - it's necessary to insert the cursor bar correctly in front of the link and click and drag carefully to the right to highlight,  then copy it...


As a possible work-around,  if you click the link to check it works,  you'll get a browser display from which it's much easier to grab the URL - but that's about as much work as the highlight method...

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