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Can't remove checkbox entry on Android

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Checkbox items sync fine (to Mac version 5.5.1) but I'm not able to remove the entire checkbox item when editing on Android.  I can delete the text of the checkbox but can't delete (backspace) the box itself.  When trying to tap to the left of the box to position the edit cursor there it just toggles the checkmark.


My apologies if this has already been reported.  I searched but didn't find anything.


Evernote Android v 5.8.4 / Droid Razr M / Android OS 4.4.2


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On my Galaxy S3,  tapping the checkbox icon both adds and removes icons.  The backspace key works too to remove them.  If your mileage varies significantly I suggest a support ticket..  (see below)

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Still a problem on Droid Razr M running Android 4.4.2 with version 6.0 of Evernote.  Ticket number given in email exchange with customer support is 591218.  As I had mentioned to support, this isn't a major problem but something they should fix when they can get to it.

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I'm having this same problem on kindle.  I also opened a ticket, but they closed it without actually fixing the problem, and the canned response made me wonder whether they even understand that the problem exists.  I agree that it's not a major software-crippling bug, but it's annoying to have to go to a PC to finish an edit.  That sort of defeats the whole purpose of the software.

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There is a similar problem when editing bullet and numbered lists on Android.  Editing notes in and around this special formatting is pretty buggy.  I don't use these features if I know I'm likely to edit them on Android.


Evernote Android v 6.0.2 / Droid Razr M / Android OS 4.4.2

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