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Lost the tree sort option for tags- why!?!? It makes jumping from desktop to mobile difficult.

As I'm using Evernote to make this list, adding bullets to a numbered list changes the next item back to 1. See attachment.

I've been dying to have the option to select a whole list to reformat to numbered, bullet, or boxes at once as you can on the desktop.

I've never understood why android needs an edit button when you open a note. It changes the formatting between views and copy and pasting is inconsistent. Is it possible to make it editable immediately?

It takes three presses to add a tag to a new note, can there be a tag icon next to the reminder icon that opens up the tag menu with the keyboard.

Also the personal personal tag options could be available immediately. It seems pointless to have all that wasted space below. See attachment: can it look like this with one icon?


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Comments noted - the only one I'd remark on is "why an edit button" - I think it's sensible to make really sure you want to change a note when you're working with a  mobile device where you might 'pocket dial' random changes if you're unlucky,  but back in the days before the button I do remember some impassioned complaints from users who 'accidentally' blanked notes and lost content because there was no safety catch.  The edit button is there entirely through popular demand...


Thanks for the views - they'll be taken into account when considering future updates...

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