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synchronize selected notebook on different pc

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Hi to everyone,

I'm Luca from Italy and I'm discovering the power of evernote.

I use the client on different place, on my mac, on the windows pc at work, and of course, my iPad e my android mobile.

I have a question:

Is possible synchronize only selected notebook on different pc:

for example I use three different notebook for work and six for personal.

On my pc at work I wish see ONLY the 3 notebook that I use and synchronize these. Like the folder on dropbox to understand.

Is possibile???


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If you're using the standard desktop clients for Windows and Mac, you can create "local" notebooks that are never synced to the Evernote servers, and therefore will never be synced to any other device, which means the following:

* You cannot see notes in local notebooks in the Evernote clients for any mobile device

* You cannot see notes in local notebooks in the Evernote web client

* Important: you are responsible for backing up local notebooks yourself; since these notes are never seen by the Evernote servers, you have no chance of them saving you from a disk failure, corrupted database, or other disaster
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As Jeff pointed put, you can create local notebooks that live only on the computer they are ceated on. If you mean you want all notebooks on the EN servers (AKA "cloud") but only sync down selected ones at work (like Dropbox does), not possible at this time. I don't know if that's on EN's to do list.

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Wouldn't this be possible if the OP uses separate accounts? If you had a 'work' free account and a different 'home' account,  the notebooks for one account would be available on the Mac,  and the other on the PC.  Of course if you had a sudden need to see a note from the other account you could log in via a web browser to either one - which would also work on the tablet, but not easily on the phone.  You could also 'share' one notebook from each account with the other,  so you could move notes between them if you needed to.

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