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ios Lost all notes (60+) converting from free-to-premium (iPad) #571557

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I'm disappointed to see a familiar problem appears to be fairly generic, now that I've read screeds of forum notes.

What sort of business would not have addressed a pretty fundamental part of the business model: storing customers information accurately and safely.


I upgraded from free to premium last week having stored 60 files of various formats on the iPad (free) version of Evernote, and was prompted to sign in on the web to upgrade as you cannot perform this upgrade function from an iPad.

At completion of the upgrade in Windows I opened Evernote on the iPad to find the whole storage of 60 files missing. After a whole week of dealing with customer services (ticket# 571557) and having to download 'iExplorer' to locate the missing files I now find I can locate the PDF documents, Word and PowerPoint but can't open the most important part of the missing files, the typed notes which I can locate as '.html' format.


So the ticket is raised and the representative (Evernote support) has spent the best part of a week trying to talk me through retrieving the notes and exhausts his solutions of opening the .html files into a format where they are readable, so hands me off to a 'specialist' on Friday who hasn't bothered to respond to my ticket all day on Monday (San Fran time), which means I'm now three days into the working week in NZ without any support from Evernote, where it is now 3.15pm on Tuesday (in San Fran) and my ticket was handed off on Friday (I'm guessing would have been in a queue first thing on Monday in SF?).


I'd rather not delete the version and re-install in case this does not rectify the issue and deletes all traces of the info that is in still in the iPad stored files that can be traced via iExplorer, but are unable to be read. I haven't set up two accounts with different email addreses.

Couple of questions to Evernote:

1: Why wouldn't you have addressed this issue - the written notes are imperative to me as a customer and by paying for the upgrade they were removed from my account when I upgraded to Premium - no I didn't sync them across other formats, but that's not the point - they were there, then gone.
2: Why didn't your support worker know of this recurring issue and just attempt to go straight to your server to get them back and restore my account to the 'pre-upgrade' status?
3: Your apologies were fine the first couple of days but it's pretty simple, rectify the problem. I've spent days on working through this with your support staff suggestions and have to say I'm a pretty hacked off customer who would fail to recommend this business now.

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Hi - sorry you're having a really bad few days,  but I don't think we're really your route to a serious conversation with Evernote.  This is a public forum,  maintained by a small group of users,  and though the posts do get researched by Evernote developers the tech help you tend to get here is from us and fellow users (most of the time) rather than the main men. 


We don't have any access to the database or tech support records. but we do know people who do.  So I've flagged your post and ticket number for someone to take a look at and see whether they can help your information get dragged back out of limbo.  I can't answer any of your questions - again,  above my pay grade - but hopefully someone will get back to you soon.

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