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Doxie due for a new scanner


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I am looking at scanning all my reciepts, tax stuff, etc. I have a flatbed scanner, but it is upstairs (I am in basement), and the Epson software is atrocious. I like the idea of a Doxie Go for travel too, easier to do my expenses while still in hotel, and that it could just sit on my desk without clutter.


But the lack of duplex is not great, wifi built in would be nice, etc.  I notice that the Doxie Go came out over two years ago. I am assuming that they must have an updated model in the works.Are there any rumours of this?


~Shea M.

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I did send them this same question. Just figured I'd check here in case there was already a known rumour. I'll post back what they say (if it is ok with them.). Though the fact they just released a flatbed, is likely a good sign. Doesn't seem like they are big enough to roll out a bunch of products at once.


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Doxie did not reply to my question. However I did pickup a Doxie go for $185 CAD. They had teh ScanSnap 1300 as well, but it was over $300, so I could not justify it. There was an Epson about the same size as doxie that looked nice too, but I have an Epson AIO, and the software/drivers for it are a complete nightmare, and I said I would never buy another Epson product.


I suspect there will be a new Doxie go that is faster and Duplex at some point, but I am so happy with the workflow and Doxie software that I don't regret the decision. 


I love the fact that it does OCR when I send to evernote, so I get indexing without paying for EN premium. I love that I can name a scan as 'doxie scanner @Receipts #gadgets' and will save it in my Receipts notebook on EN with a tag 'gadgets'. 


I wouldn't mind scanning some of my paper notebooks for reference, but the doxie can only OCR printed material, ENP may be worth it if it handles my handwriting properly.



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