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Strategy for Storing travel Information in Evernote

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Like most people I put just about everything in EN including all the information about trips that we take. My current strategy is to create a notebook for every trip and hotel reservation and all other information concerning the trip including receipts while we are on the trip are stored in that notebook specific trip notebook. I currently have two stacks one labeled Travel Future and one labled Travel Past. All notebooks for future travel are in the Travel Future stack and are moved to the Travel Past stack once the trip is over.

I have probably around 100 total notebooks and tons of tags. But after reading about the 250 notebook limit I am thinking ahead and see that having a notebook for every trip is not going to be sustainable,The reason I initally created a notebook for each trip was two fold. First I can share the note book with my travel partner or anyone else for that matter and also save the notebook for off-line viewing on my portable devices so that I have access to everything should I not have a network connection.

So I would like some detailed input from others who store travel information in EN. How do you set it up and why (with examples) would be great. Also any thoughts or input would be great. And thanks in advance.

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Correct, the 250 notebook limit is not going to scale particularly well here.


You might consider using separate tags to mark different trips and related items; you may want to use separate tags for each hotel as well. Use a "Travel Future" notebook and a "Travel Past" notebook. You can share the "Travel Future" notebook with your partner, and archive old trip notes in the "Travel Past" notebook. Or you can have a special notebook for sharing / offline purposes that holds travel plans that are in the near future. And maybe one for the current trip. You can identify particular trip-related notes via tag, and move them to the appropriate notebook as needed.


Just a possible simple approach. Others may have other ideas.

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I'd suggest a variation on the tags idea - go to a notebook of a completed trip and create a 'header' note - a new note that summarises the content of that notebook.  Then list all the notes in that notebook and copy/ paste the content of the list window into the body of the header note.  This should give you a single note with an index of all the notes in that notebook.  Still in the notebook list,  add a new unique tag to all notes in the notebook to 'link' them together.  Start an Archive notebook and move all the notes in there.  Delete this trip notebook and open the next one...  repeat as necessary.  An option in there somewhere is to have the 'header' notes for each trip stored in a different notebook,  or even to keep the headers but export the rest of the notes to an archive ENEX file.  The header notes will still allow you to search for some useful keywords.


Just a suggestion.. :)

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A little depends on how many trips you take!


I have a Travel notebook and keep all trips future and past in it. I have a tripcomplete tag and a tripcurrent tag plus I create location name tags as well. I put the trip tags on notes that have actual travel plans on them while I only use the place tags for notes about things I might like to do. I do not currently travel for business, so if I did that I might also develop some tags specific for that. 


In your case, I'd put every future trip in a separate notebook for each trip or one future notebook. I'd decide whether to use one or multiple notebooks by how I was sharing these trips. If it was only with one other person, then one future trips notebook would work, but if different people went on different trips, I'd have separate notebooks. 


Then when the trip was done, I'd do some of what gazumped suggests above, I'd put on an unique tag for that one trip: Phoenix6/14 for instance, I'd also remove the tripcurrent tag and add the tripcomplete tag and move them to an archive notebook. This could be a more general archive or a special travel archive. I do see a purpose in my life for the overview note. BUT Evernote does let you create an index note rapidly, so if you like the idea it would be easy enough to implement. 

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I have done a lot of business travel and my method is:

  1. Create a tag for each trip.  The format of the tag is yyyy.mm.dd Trip Name, for example 2014.07.04 Washington DC.
  2. The tags are stored in a three level hierarchy:
    1. Trips (at main level of tags)
      1. 20xx Trips
        1. 20xx.mm.dd.Trip Name  
  3. Every note associated with the trip gets the specific trip tag only (typically no other tags are used).
  4. Do a tag search on the trip and the notes are returned.  Seldom are there more than 20 notes per trip and I can always do a general search to refine if need be..
  5. I leave all the notes in my primary synced notebook.  I don't worry much about current or archiving, the tag name sort of tells the story.

Works for me anyway.   :)

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