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A (new?) way to look at tags in Mac desktop client



I just stumbled across a "stealth" feature that I absolutely love. Viewing the tag list on the Mac desktop client, if you click a tag once, other, related tags light up! If that was there before, however did I miss it?


Now, having tag auto-completion in the search bar would make me never, ever ask for another feature again ... well, maybe not.


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Good catch Extropy (interesting username).


By "related", it appears to me that the other related tags that are highlighted are tags that appear on the same Note as the main selected Tag.  Can someone from Evernote confirm this?  That presents a very interesting view when one is browsing or data mining.


BTW, this is yet another BENEFIT of using Tags.  No way to get this view with just keywords in the Title.


Now, the next step.  CMD-Click on one or more of the related tags, and then click on the "Show nnn Notes" button in the upper right.

Magic!  Now you have the list of Notes with the selected tags.

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Oh, that cmd-click is excellent, thanks. This is a whole new dimension! I just clicked a tag with a customer name, and the "HR" tag lit up (Human Resources). I couldn't imagine why one note would have both of those tags. Opened it the way you said – It was a memo to employees about special handling for that particular customer's intellectual property that I had completely forgotten about!




By the way: Extropy = my made up "opposite" of entropy as a kind of play on concepts in that life works against entropy locally.

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