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How to hide location data for individual notes

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When I installed Evernote, I was asked if the program could use my location. I consented, not knowing that every note would be preceded with "Note from (my home address)", and that the font would be larger for my location than for my actual note. Not only do ALL my notes display the same location, but accessing my notes via Notebooks, results in the same display - location first and then my note in a smaller font. Not only that, but ALL my notes are grouped under the letter "N", because each note starts with "Note from". This renders the search function useless.


When I was working, I traveled over seven western states, and the location associated with each note would make sense. But now that I am retired, I only have one location for writing notes - my home address. I sent an email requesting help from Evernote Support, but that was a week ago, and there has been no response. Please advise how I can hide or eliminate the location attached to each note.

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Several options

1) in your system settings, revoke Evernote's access to your location.

2) if you are referring to the auto-generation of a title, that's always bigger than the note content, as it is the title. If you don't like the use of location for the suggested title, you can re-title the note.

3) you can remove the location information from the Note Information by clicking on the note info icon and deleting the location data. THis, of course, can only take place after the suggested note title is produced, so this is largely only a solution to the presence of location data in the note info, it won't change the title of thoe note.

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