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PROBLEM - upgrading and join in company

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what if joe has no spesific e-mail domain for work?


i am the admin of business account and i send and invite to joe@gmail.com, and he gots message [Join Company]

1-- when filling form he types business e-mail the same joe@gmail.com

2 -- and push "upgrade and join"

3-- gots this message "We are unable to activate your business account at this time. Please contact your business administrator"

4 -- he would be the second user in business



my credit card works well.

but the business usage this month is full 2gb

what is the problem

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Either the employee/ colleague who is being affected by this should raise a support request,  or if you are the admin you should do so,  to find out why there is an issue.  See the link below for direct access to the support page.

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