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Getting Tags and Notes from Linked Notebook using PHP

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I am trying to get Notes and Tags from Linked notebook using PHP SDK for severnote (https://github.com/evernote/evernote-sdk-php).
All i end up with is SHARD_UNAVAILABLE error.

I have have echoed relevant data for those two LinkedNotebooks:

                                                          LinkedNotebook1                                                           LinkedNotebook2
guid                                 c8252c61-cbd9-4f94-9515-fd6fb2db614e                     fc610ad2-9d83-4474-b56a-a500b22d3434

noteStoreUrl               https://www.evernote.com/shard/s172/notestore             https://www.evernote.com/shard/s172/notestore



Here is the code i am using (just for one notebook)....



$client = new Client(array(
                'token' => $accessToken,
                'sandbox' => FALSE

$notebooks = $client->getNoteStore()->listLinkedNotebooks();

  # get the right noteStore
  $note_store_uri = $notebooks[0]->noteStoreUrl;
  $shared_note_store = $client->getSharedNoteStore($notebooks[0]);

  # authenticate to the linked notebook
  $auth_result = $shared_note_store->authenticateToSharedNotebook($shareKey, $accessToken);
   # get the share token
   $share_token = $auth_result->authenticationToken;

    # get ShatedNotebook and GUID
   $sharedNotebook = $shared_note_store->getSharedNotebookByAuth($share_token);
   $guid = $sharedNotebook->notebookGuid;

    # get ShatedNotebook's Tags
    $tags = $shared_note_store->listTagsByNotebook($accessToken,   $guid);

     # get ShatedNotebook's notes
           $gmdata = new NotesMetadataResultSpec();      
            $gmdata->includeTitle = TRUE;
            $nf = new NoteFilter();
            $nf->notebookGuid =   $guid;
            $notes = $shared_note_store -> findNotesMetadata($accessToken, $nf, 0, 250, $gmdata);

Thank you for help.

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